How much does an e-bike cost in Dubai?

How much does an e-bike cost in Dubai?

When your goal is to stay healthy, it usually starts with a diet full of nutrients combined with regular visits to the gym. If you like cycling and would like to go to the next level, you should consider purchasing an E-bike, also known as an electric bicycle. When investing in an E-bike in Dubai, it is essential to consider the e-bike’s look and the pleasure that it will give you when you are cycling either on Dubai roads or off-road.

Some of the most popular e-bikes such as the Moto Parilla SUV Carbon will give you the comfort and pleasure that you will ever want. The Carbon has an extraordinary look that will make all the other e-bikes ashamed, and we all guarantee that you will get countless hours of pure fun and joy. Do you want to see it by yourself? Book a free test drive, and you can judge by yourself.

What are the prices of an E-bike in Dubai?

In short, a cheap and ordinary e-bike can cost you as little as 1000 AED, but you can consider the hideous visual factor of the bike. In the end, it all depends on what you expect from an e-bike model, how long the battery lasts, how fast can it go and the look. Some of the most sophisticated e-bikes in Dubai can go above 60,000 AED, but you can get a decent one for half of that. Take as an example the Moto Parilla Carbon Club, one of the most magnificent e-bikes in Dubai, it just costs 27,900 AED.

You can get a Stealth, a Sur-ron or a Saluki e-bike, but do they have the same stylish look like a Moto Parilla? Just look and compare them and you can quickly answer that by yourself. Some may have more power, sure! But the beauty of riding an e-bike across Dubai in a Moto Parilla is just a breathtaking experience. Take a look at the state of the art parts, components, the long-lasting 13A Lithium battery, and you will realize how the e-bike is fairly priced. With a wide range between 250 and 1000 Watts of power, you can enjoy the pleasant speed of up to 45 Km/h on the roads of Dubai. Why not taking the e-bike to the Hatta mountains or Al Qudra lakes and appreciate the potential and dynamism of Moto Parilla e-bikes? You will find it reliable, super easy to ride, versatile to multiple terrains and situations, and it is powerful!

Finally, do not neglect the comfort of your e-bike. It is a feature that needs to be tested before purchasing it. You certainly want to have a satisfying and comfortable ride. If the e-bike fails the comfort test, you can easily associate the supposedly pleasant riding experience negatively, and it will be easy to leave the bike alone in your storage room or garage if you just do not enjoy it.

What types of E-bike Dubai models are there?

You have the basic e-bikes that start with 250W and are perfect for road rides and common off-road surfaces. However, once you take them off-road, you will notice that you would have a better experience with a more powerful e-bike. The Moto Parilla Carbon VIP has with 750W, and it is probably the best e-bike in Dubai. This model makes it really easy for you to tackle several types of roads and terrain. It is a durable and robust model,
with a substantial weight of approximately 34 Kg.

You may want to consider a bike built with fiber carbon, a powerful motor, and increased shock resistance. Light e-bikes may not give you the muscle force that you will need to enjoy the experience of your e-bike fully.

How much do you need to invest in a Dubai E-bike?

That comes down to you and your budget. Avoid going to the cheapest brands as they will undoubtedly lead to more problems and won’t be so fun as a Moto Parilla. If you are looking for a great look with a mix of muscular and sexy style on top of two fat tires, take a Moto Parilla; you won’t regret it. You will have to spend between 25,000 – 50,000 AED which may be expensive for some, but don’t forget that we are talking about one of the best e-bikes in Dubai right now. Test drive and judge by yourself.