How much should you spend on your next electric bicycle?

How much should you spend on your next electric bicycle?

Are you about to spend your money and purchase an electric bicycle? Get ready for some research time, test drives and to set your budget.

First, you need to find the ultimate reason why you are buying an electric bike. Do you plan to use your ebike daily, to commute, for example? Or are you planning to use it for fun on weekends? This will help you to choose a city e-bike with a high-performance battery or an adventure SUV e-bike with fat tyres which will allow you to go up hills.

One of the most significant benefits that you can experience out of an electric bike is the level of comfort and efficiency when you are fighting the wind or climbing up a hill. Even if you are a fit and experienced bicycle rider, trust me that there is nothing wrong by having a small push by the engine of an e-bike. An electric bike makes even more sense if you have a health condition such as asthma or knee pain. You will love the return on investment once you get your e-bike.

How much should I spend on an electric bike?

We are all cautious about spending money, aren’t we? As almost in every product, quality has a price. The market gives you plenty of options between just a few thousands of dirhams up to around 50K AED for a top quality e-bike. A cheap e-bike will do its job for a little while, but sooner or later you will see yourself reinvesting in a more powerful e-bike. Set your budget to a minimum of 19,000 AED, and you will be automatically excluding most of the low-quality e-bikes in Dubai. Check out Moto Parilla SUV e-bikes in Dubai, and you can be sure that you will get a great looking electric bike that you won’t regret.

Keep in mind that your riding experience is what will make you love or hate your new acquisition. Do your homework and book a test drive before purchasing your electric bike. Once you get it, it should go beyond your expectations while providing stable confidence and enjoying the ride safely.

Even if you are not planning to go off-road, you can get a full suspension bike. They do cost more, but the additional comfort pays off quickly even when riding on smooth roads.

You have a basic understanding of how much money you need to spend on your next electric bike. Go ahead and book a test drive with Moto Parilla E-Bike Dubai.